BMW’s last marketing effort for 2023 was to tease the M5 Touring but we have something even better. Codenamed G99, the hotly anticipated super wagon has now been speculatively rendered, devoid of any camouflage. The digital design exercise is not a shot in the dark since it takes after spy shots of disguised prototypes, so we reckon it’s fairly accurate. Of course, it’s not a carbon copy of the real thing, which won’t debut until later in 2024.

We have imagined the third-generation M5 Touring in Frozen Dark Grey, a matte Individual color that BMW M will likely offer. Bavaria’s super wagon is getting that split rear diffuser and an angular front bumper bisected by a pair of vertical inserts below the license plate. It’ll also feature a charging port on the front fender since the high-performance estate will inherit the XM’s plug-in hybrid V8 powertrain. As you would expect from an M car, it’ll also have bulging fenders.

Aside from the M-specific side mirror caps, the new M5 Touring will have a large roof spoiler that sticks out from the body and has extended sides flanking the third brake light. Slightly angled vertical red reflectors will be mounted at the corners of the rear bumper. At the front, the grille is expected to be a variation of the i5 M60’s kidneys with horizontal bars, an M logo, and a large radar sensor mounted in the center.

A belated rival for the Audi RS6 Avant and AMG E63 Estate, the new long-roof M5 will combine the “S68” engine with an electric motor. The twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 hybrid setup is expected to deliver over 700 horsepower but without stepping on the XM Label’s toes. As a refresher, the super SUV packs a mighty 738-hp punch. Torque should be colossal considering the XM Label offers a ludicrous 1,000 Nm (737 lb-ft).

2024 will start with the world premiere of the 5 Series Touring and its i5 Touring electric counterpart, complete with an i5 M60 Touring. As for the real M5, the sedan (G90) is slated to enter production in July, so look for an official debut near the end of spring or early summer. The wagon (G99) is destined to hit the assembly line in November, so its reveal should take place a few months after the sedan.

And yes, the M5 Touring is all but confirmed for a launch in the United States. We’re hearing it’ll be the only wagon version of the 5 Series that BMW will sell in North America.