This year marks BMW M’s 50th anniversary, if you didn’t already hear. BMW’s sorta been shouting it at all of us since mid-2021, to get us prepared for the coming celebratory festivities. One of the ways BMW is celebrating M’s birthday is with a unique little option that, despite being incredibly superficial, I actually think is quite cool — the BMW M 50 Years Emblem.

For BMW M and M Performance cars, you can now option entirely new albums for the car. Instead of the classic blue and white Roundel, with a black surrounding ring that reads “BMW”, this new 50 Years emblem wraps the Roundel in an M-colored livery. It’s nothing too crazy or ostentatious but it’s snazzy and different and will make your Bimmer stand out.

While it might a bit expensive of an option at $200, it’s actually not a bad deal, considering it replaces the old emblem on the hood, the trunk lid, and the wheel center caps. So you get six new emblems for $200, which isn’t bad. You’ll spend more than that on six new emblems for an E36 318i. And these are special edition.

Not only do they look fun, they’ll also make your car more special. BMW is obviously only selling cars with them this year, for the 50th Anniversary, so your car will always been known as one that was bought during the M Division’s 50th birthday year. They’re also only available on either M Performance cars or full-on M cars, making them limited to only cooler BMWs.

If you option those emblems, when it comes time to sell your car — if you sell it private party — any BMW fan in the know would instantly recognize the option and find it to be a fun, unique little bit of history about the car. Sure, different emblems can seem a bit silly and superficial but this new emblem option is fun and we need a bit more silly fun in the world of car buying.