With emissions and sound regulations getting stricter in Europe and other parts of the world, cars sound duller as the years go by. Thankfully, the aftermarket scene is always ready to address these bottlenecks by unlocking those extra decibels you would expect from a performance car. Such is the case with Akrapovič and its titanium exhaust system for the M2 G87. Launched last year, the beefy quad-pipe setup stars in a new promo video in which the compact M car signs its inline-six tune. Not only does it make the car sound better, but it also shaves off 7.3 kilograms (16 pounds). That makes it roughly a third lighter than the standard exhaust. In addition, it delivers an extra 5 hp and 13.5 Nm (10 lb-ft) from the twin-turbo 3.0-liter “S58” engine.

M2 owners don’t necessarily have to opt for a custom exhaust to make their cars sound meaner because BMW offers an optional M Performance exhaust. However, you might not like how it looks since it has pairs of vertically stacked tips positioned near the center of the diffuser. Akrapovič sticks to the usual placement but spruces things up with carbon fiber finishers shaped like a hexagon.

The aftermarket exhaust is compatible with M2s fitted with the gasoline particulate filter (GPF/OPF) and can be combined with other goodies from the Slovenian tuner. There’s also a large carbon fiber rear wing available, along with a high-gloss or matte diffuser made from the same lightweight material. Akrapovič offers carbon side mirror caps and its Sound Kit system allowing owners to alter the sound coming from the exhaust while inside the car.

How does it work? It’s essentially a receiver to control the actuators that open or close the valves by using a smartphone app. When you’re driving away early in the morning, using the quiet mode will make sure your neighbors won’t be bothered by the sound of the six-cylinder engine.

Source: Akrapovič / YouTube