In 2024, the G87 BMW M2 starts a new production cycle at the San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico. Along with a major power upgrade (yet to be confirmed by BMW), the G87 M2 generation will get additional standard and optional colors. We reported before that new paint options such as Java Green, Sao Paulo Yellow, Voodoo Blue, Fire Red and Skyscraper Grey are on the list. But according to a new rumor, the 2024/2025. BMW M2 could get the beautiful Twilight Purple and Grigio Telesto colors as well. Of course, it’s likely that these will be treated as special colors or Individual colors, which means a higher price tag. As always, it’s essential to recognize that these plans are subject to change before production and are not set in stone until BMW confirms that.

Ever since its introduction in early 2023, critics have expressed concerns about the limited color options for the new BMW M2, with only Black Sapphire and Toronto Red receiving praise. This constrained color selection was seen as disappointing for an M car, considering the M Division’s tradition of offering a diverse range of captivating colors, including pale yellows and metallic purples. BMW did indeed expand the color lineup last summer with the addition of Frozen Portimao Blue and Frozen Pure Grey. The current color palette includes Toronto Red, Black Sapphire, Alpine White, Zandvoort Blue and Brooklyn Grey.

More Power, More Fun

Certainly, the most significant development for the G87 M2 in 2024 revolves around a power increase. According to insider information, the G87 M2 is set to deliver 480 PS, equivalent to roughly 473 horsepower. There is no information regarding a torque boost beyond the current 406 pound-feet (550 Newton-meters). It’s important to note that this upgraded S58 engine configuration is targeted for the standard M2 variant. There is no Competition designation planned in 2024.

Given that the base model is already fine-tuned to an impressive 474 horsepower, there’s a strong likelihood that the forthcoming G87 M2 CS variant, which has been observed in testing, will surpass the 500-horsepower threshold. As previously hinted, our estimates indicate that the Clubsport edition is poised to achieve a power output ranging between approximately 518 and 522 horsepower.