Having examined the sales numbers for each brand within the BMW Group, it only makes sense to evaluate how the conglomerate performed as a whole in 2023. With a total of 2,555,431 units delivered last year, shipments blossomed by a significant 6.5% compared to 2022.

In 2023, the core BMW brand sold 2,253,835 vehicles, experiencing a 7.3% increase in demand. The M division, encompassing both M Performance and M cars, saw a remarkable 14.3% year-over-year growth, with total sales reaching 202,530 units. MINI enjoyed a modest sales boost of 0.9%, totaling 295,474 cars, while Rolls-Royce shipped a record-breaking 6,032 cars. The Motorrad division achieved an all-time high in its centenary year, with deliveries growing by 3.1% to 209,257 motorcycles and scooters.

The BMW Group’s growing EV portfolio is paying off. In 2023, 15% of all BMWs and MINIs delivered didn’t have a combustion engine. For 2024, the goal is to reach 20%, and an even more ambitious target is set for 2025 when zero-emission cars are projected to account for 25% of total shipments. Rolls-Royce now also has an EV of its own, the Spectre, on its road to becoming an electric-only marque by 2030.

MINI will also end the production of vehicles with combustion engines by the end of the decade. BMW has not set a cutoff date for the ICE, suggesting conventionally powered cars will survive well into the 2030s and possibly beyond, where regulations will allow.

In the meantime, several EVs are going to be launched by the end of 2030. The BMW Group will get the ball rolling this year with the i5 Touring and the MINI Aceman but the real revolution is planned for 2025. The first Neue Klasse models are scheduled to come out, with the next-generation iX3 to lead the way. A 3 Series Sedan-sized EV has been confirmed as well.

We’re hearing there will also be an i3 Touring and an iX4 on the same all-new underpinnings with sixth-generation batteries featuring round cells. However, the current CLAR platform will stick around for the long haul and could underpin electric variants of the next-generation X5 and X6.

Source: BMW Group