BMW has led us to believe the first Neue Klasse model to go on sale will be an electric 3 Series as the i Vision Dee and Vision Neue Klasse were both sedans. However, the inaugural EV to utilize the all-new dedicated platform will be a second-generation iX3. Why? Because the SUV segment is still booming, so there’s more money to be made compared to a traditional saloon.

Pictured at the bottom, a camouflaged prototype of the Neue Klasse-based SUV was recently spied testing out in public. This new rendering attempts to predict what was hiding beneath the disguise. Although we’ll admit we weren’t completely enamored with the design of the two concepts mentioned earlier, the spy shots give us hope the new iX3 will be a looker. We look forward to seeing the sedan but it’s understandable why BMW is prioritizing the launch of its SUV cousin.

2025 BMW iX3 rendering / Kolesa

The overhauled electric SUV won’t have anything in common with the current CLAR-based models. Even though the test vehicles were draped in camo, it was evident BMW was hiding a new design language. The most notable change is likely to be noticeable at the front where the grille will be widened to merge with the headlights. The Vision Neue Klasse strongly suggested a minimalist approach with a cleaner look, so expect fewer creases and edges.

The “less is more” approach will be even more evident inside where Neue Klasse models are not going to have the iDrive controller. In addition, the digital driver’s display will become a thing of the past, as will most of the traditional controls like buttons and knobs. The focal point of the interior will be a large touchscreen in the center of the dashboard, complemented by an ultra-wide head-up display dubbed “Panoramic Vision.” The latter won’t be exclusive to NE cars as it will trickle down to CLAR-based models. It’s unclear whether the front-wheel-drive-based compact cars will have it as well.

Codenamed “NA5,” the next BMW iX3 is expected to have shorter overhangs and a longer wheelbase thanks to better packaging brought by the bespoke electric platform. By far the biggest advantage over the existing CLAR-based iX3 will be the switch to round battery cells. These Gen6 batteries will boost range and charging speed by 30% and extend range by 20%.

BMW will reportedly kick off production of the revamped iX3 in July 2025 at its new Debrecen plant in Hungary. We’re hearing the top version will be an iX3 M60, but a fully fledged M variant (“ZA5”) is coming later in the life cycle.

Source: Kolesa