Recently, spy shots from Munich have unveiled the prototype of the upcoming 2024 BMW 4 Series model, offering a glimpse into the design enhancements slated for the 2024 release. Following in the footsteps of the i4 Facelift, BMW is set to introduce subtle design updates to the 2024 BMW 4 Series. A notable modification at the front includes the integration of new headlights, drawing inspiration from those featured on the BMW i5 and the latest 5 Series. Enthusiasts keen on laser lights for their 4 Series are advised to place their orders promptly, as these might not be included in the facelifted models. However, there are whispers from our sources hinting at the potential inclusion of laser taillights in specific BMW 4 Series models.

Subtle Changes, Still Big Kidneys

As expected, the size of the iconic kidney grille remains consistent, albeit with a twist: M Performance models such as the M440i and i5 M50 will showcase a distinctive mesh design. Furthermore, the M Sport package is poised for a subtle redesign to maintain a fresh and alluring aesthetic. Much like other BMW LCI facelifts, the updates to the 4 Series/M4 are moderate, with the new headlights adopting BMW’s innovative upside-down check mark design as the primary change.

Internally, the 4 Series will undergo some noteworthy adjustments, including the incorporation of iDrive 8.5 to align with the features of the BMW i4, along with a toggle switch gear selector. Notably, the addition of iDrive 8 results in the removal of physical climate controls, requiring users to manage climate settings exclusively through the curved touchscreen display—a contentious feature among BMW enthusiasts since the debut of iDrive 8.

Production Starts Spring 2024

Reports indicate that the G22 LCI is scheduled for production commencement in March 2024, setting the stage for a global premiere in the early months of the following year. While the 4 Series Coupe has already entered the 2024 model year in the United States, the updated version is slated to be marketed as the 2025 model year. In our video analysis, we delve into the design alterations on the 2024 BMW 4 Series. Additionally, we provide insights into the 2024 BMW M4 CS and the facelift modifications anticipated for the M3 and M4 models.