BMW is currently conducting rigorous summer testing, with a strong focus on their upcoming models. The BMW M3 Facelift and the i4 Facelift have already been spotted, and now, enthusiasts are treated to a glimpse of the highly anticipated 2024 BMW 4 Series. Recently, a prototype of this model was spied in Munich, providing us with a sneak peek at some of the design updates that are planned for the 2024 release.

New Headlights and Taillights Coming to 2024 BMW 4 Series

Similar to the i4 Facelift, BMW will give the 2024 BMW 4 Series a mild design update. The most significant alteration at the front involves incorporating a new set of headlights, which bear a resemblance to the ones found on the BMW i5 and new 5 Series. If you love laser lights on your 4 Series, order them now because the facelifted models will not include them. Yet, our sources say that we might see laser taillights on certain 4 Series models. As anticipated, the size of the kidney grille remains unchanged, but with a twist: the M Performance models like the M440i and i4 M50 will receive a distinct mesh design. Additionally, the M Sport package will undergo a slight redesign to keep the design fresh and enticing.

New iDrive 8.5 to be Featured in 2024 BMW 4 Series

BMW iDrive 8.5

As part of their commitment to sustainability, BMW is expected to integrate new eco-friendly materials into the seats, dashboard, and trim of the 2024 BMW 4 Series and i4 models. The facelifted 4 Series will retain its large curved display but it will be powered by iDrive 8.5. The new infotainment system will actually roll out even before the facelift to the 4 Series lineup. We also expect to see new color options, like Mineral Red, for example.

Engine Lineup to be Revamped for 2024 BMW 4 Series

The engine lineup will also be revamped. For example, some markets will get new TÜ2 engine updates. The top model will continue to be the 2024 BMW M440i (Coupe, Gran Coupe and Convertible) which will make around 382 horsepower. The 2024 BMW 430i will continue to deliver 255 horsepower. The U.S. market won’t get diesels, but of course, the European markets will continue to rely on the popular powertrain.

The BMW 4 Series Facelift will stay in production until 2028 when the Neue Klasse 4 Series will take over. The current generation G22/G23/G26 4 Series will be the last of its kind, with a mix of gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrids. The Neue Klasse family – NA2/NA3/NA4 – will be all electric.

Picture credit: Baldauf