BMW’s most powerful production vehicle is also its priciest as the XM Label kicks off at a steep $185,000. Not that we’re trying to defend its exorbitant price tag, but the super SUV does come with almost everything included from the get-go. For example, all body colors are a no-cost option, including this Anglesey Green Metallic introduced back in February.

In addition, those 23-inch wheels – which are the largest ever fitted by BMW from the factory – are not going to cost you extra. This combination is certainly not for everyone, and combined with the red accents of the Label variant, lends the XM an even more polarizing look. A new photo gallery shows the range-topping SUV in South Carolina where the plug-in hybrid dedicated M model took part in the Test Fest 2023.

BMW sells the XM Label with a Fiona Red/Black full Merino leather interior and a carbon fiber trim, sprinkled with red accents here and there. Options are limited to different colors for the brake calipers and a Toronto Red exterior accent band – none of which are going to cost you extra. For $2,500, you can get the high-performance SUV with the M Sport Package while the Bowers & Wilkins sound system is another $3,400.

You’re looking at a BMW SUV that costs nearly $192,000, and some would argue you’re better off buying an X5 M Competition. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some might prefer the XM’s eccentric styling. Then there’s the plug-in hybrid powertrain with the instant torque delivered by an electric motor – a sign of things to come since next year’s M5 will have it as well.

BMW projects half of XM sales will come from just two markets – the United States and China. The third-biggest region is expected to be the Middle East, followed closely by South Korea and Germany. Through September, global deliveries amounted to 4,450 units. That doesn’t sound like much, but let’s be real and admit the XM was never going to be a strong seller due to its prohibitive asking price and unconventional appearance.

Source: BMW