Ever since BMW introduced the second-generation M2 in October 2022, many people have been asking for a diversified color palette. With only five paints to choose from and no Individual options, the G87 was in dire need of more exciting finishes. We first saw the sports coupe in Frozen Portimao Blue back in April but an official announcement wasn’t made until the next month. Fast forward to December, the video attached at the bottom shows one of the first customer cars to be delivered with the attractive matte paint.

YouTuber Remove Before Race has taken delivery of a new M2 wearing an Individual color, and he went with this paint instead of Frozen Portimao Grey that BMW is also offering. Aside from the fancy body hue, it also has other extras, including the optional carbon bucket seats. This has the eight-speed automatic transmission rather than the six-speed manual and boasts a carbon fiber roof.

The video is also a good opportunity to see a different M2 finished in Toronto Red and decked out with M Performance Parts. Aside from the plethora of carbon bits, it also has the hugely controversial optional exhaust with stacked tips mounted in the middle of the diffuser. Much like those body-hugging seats we mentioned, the upgraded exhaust is also borrowed from the M3 and M4. These three cars can now be configured with centerlock wheels as well.

Annoyingly, BMW’s new Individual Visualizer website still doesn’t have the G87, which is a real shame since the entry-level M has all the chances of becoming the most popular product. Well, at least on the ICE side considering the electric i4 M50 has been BMW M’s best-selling car in 2022 and the first half of 2023.

Seeing the M2 in Frozen Portimao Blue is a confirmation BMW can now paint cars in an Individual color at its San Luis Potosi factory in Mexico. We’re hearing the automatic-only M2 CS coming in 2025 will come in a special paint, possibly a purple shade if our sources are accurate. As with the M3 CS and next year’s M4 CS, there will be limited paint options. It’ll be the same story with the M3 CS Touring also scheduled to arrive in 2025.

Source: Remove Before Race / YouTube