One of the very few complaints about the G87 BMW M2 is its lack of color options. There are only a handful: Alpine White, Brooklyn Grey, Black Sapphire, Toronto Red, and Zandvoort Blue. None of which really stand out and BMW heard the calls for more colors, which is why more will be added in the coming years, including even some classics. In a recent spy photo, there’s a chance we’re looking at one of the upcoming colors, as a BMW M2 was spotted in public wearing Frozen Portimao Blue.

New Colors Coming Late This Year

BMW has used Frozen Portimao Blue before, on cars like the i4 M50. It’s a popular color among enthusiasts, as it’s just a matte version of the normal Portimao Blue, an already beloved color. So it wouldn’t surprise anyone if BMW adds it to the M2’s color palette. And if BMW is indeed planning on doing that, this could be a test mule. It sort of looks like a wrap, but the photographer assured us that this a real color and not a vinyl.

Either way, it looks pretty good. The darker shade of blue hides some of the BMW M2’s awkwardness and accentuates its better qualities. For instance, without direct light, it’s hard to see the abrupt vertical line in front of the rear wheel. However, you can see the lovely area above the rear wheel arch, where the shoulder line meets the swollen fender. A darker matte color will play with the M2’s muscularity in a nice way.

Even if this is a wrap, it could still be BMW testing out colors because they already confirmed new colors are coming. The M2’s production facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico isn’t equipped to paint M2s in anything other than its standard colors. So instead of going through the trouble to paint the M2 in various different colors, to choose which make it to production, wouldn’t it be easier to just wrap one test mule over and over in different colors?

I’m a bit sick of Portimao Blue in general, matte or otherwise, as BMW has been using it on countless cars for years. However, it is a fan-favorite and if BMW were to offer it on the new M2, I’d be willing to bet a shockingly large sum of money that it would quickly become the best-selling color. It looks great, has a name fans remember, and it’s a Frozen color, which famously does well with customers.

[Photos: Shared with permission, but photographer wished to have his name retracted]