BMW took its sweet time coming out with the M3 Touring, but it finally delivered the goods. The G81 has been a huge commercial success, prompting the German luxury brand to triple production to keep up with demand. It’s an impressive feat considering the AMG C63 Estate competitor is not even sold in North America. A new walkaround video shows what the US is missing out on.

Filmed at a high-end dealer in Italy, the forbidden fruit is dressed to impress in an Individual paint. It’s called Aventurine Red and has been combined with an assortment of black accents for the roof, side mirrors, and wheels. Those ornaments carrying the M3 badge on the front fenders also have a dark look, as do the mighty kidney grille and the rear diffuser.

It has the regular sport seats instead of the body-hugging carbon seats but that makes sense given the M3 Touring is likely to be used for extended trips. If the hardcore CS version does come out in 2025 as the rumor mill suggests, the limited-run special edition will get the carbon seats as standard. That one will have several other carbon goodies to set it apart from the regular model.

Before the M3 Touring gets the CS treatment, we’re expecting an early facelift. Although the speedy wagon has been in production since November 2022, an update is on the way. The headlights will be redesigned and are likely to switch from laser tech to a matrix LED setup. We’ve already seen the new lights on prototypes, not just of the G81, but also the G80 Sedan and the G82 M4 Coupe. Of course, the G83 M4 Convertible will have them as well.

Sources close to Munich claim the G81 will remain in production until October 2027. It might be the first and last generation of the super wagon with an inline-six since rumor has it a Neue Klasse-based M3 Touring is already planned with the “ZA1” internal codename.

Source: CarsAround / YouTube