Aventurine Red is a deep, luxurious red color that is typically used on premium cars. It is a popular choice for large luxury sedans, as we’ve seen it recently on the new BMW 7 Series. But of course, it can also look great on high-performance sports cars. This 2024 BMW M4 Convertible is a perfect example of a car that can pull off the Aventurine Red color. The convertible’s sleek, sporty design is complemented by the deep, rich color. The Aventurine Red also gives the M4 a more premium look, which is appropriate for a car that pushes the $100,000 ceiling.

Aventurine Red-  A Sleeper Color

Photo by @kieranbicknell_ and @andrew.baker

In addition to its good looks, the Aventurine Red color also has the benefit of making the M4 a sleeper. When it’s parked, the car’s understated color may not attract attention from passersby. But once the engine starts, the M4’s 503-horsepower twin-turbocharged engine will let everyone know that this is no ordinary 3 Series.

This M4 Convertible also comes with the BMW Individual High Gloss Shadow Line package, featuring black-painted elements. These touches can be seen on exterior mirrors, rear spoiler, and tailpipes. Complementing this look, high-gloss black touches also encompass the window surrounds and entire exterior mirrors. Adding a polished touch to the rear, the tailpipe trims are adorned in black chrome. Alternatively, the Competition variants offer the choice to select body-colored exterior mirrors and a rear spoiler, along with chrome tailpipes, as optional features.

BMW Individual – Giving your car a unique touch

Photo by @kieranbicknell_ and @andrew.baker

Just like many other BMW models, the BMW Individual special paint options present a remarkable spectrum of colors. Each shade boasts its distinctiveness, ensuring that no two are identical. Whether it’s the captivating Wildberry metallic, the classic British Racing Green, the vibrant Speed Yellow or the iconic Imola Red, every special paint finish gives a unique personality to any BMW M vehicle.

If you’re looking for a high-performance convertible that can turn heads without being too flashy, the 2024 BMW M4 Convertible in Aventurine Red is a great option.

[Photo by @kieranbicknell_ and @andrew.baker.bmw]