Configuring your new BMW M car doesn’t necessarily have to end after ticking a few boxes on the options list. Aside from colors, wheels, trims, and equipment, one can dig deeper into their bank account and opt for M Performance Parts. The catalog has grown tremendously in recent years, so much so there are items tailored to cars that aren’t even full-fat M products. Relevant examples include the M135i and i4 M50, but today, the M division is showing off these extra goodies on two of its hottest products – the M2 and M3 Touring.

Centerlock Wheels Now Available

On the occasion of launching centerlock wheels for these two cars – as well as for the M3 Sedan, M4 Coupe, and M4 Convertible – BMW decided to organize a new photoshoot with the dynamic duo. Both are chock-full of M Performance Parts that have been around for a while, including a multi-piece body kit made from carbon fiber. These items can be had as a whole package or by only choosing individual items. As shown here on the super wagon, you can also get a lighter titanium exhaust with stacked quad tips mounted in the center of the diffuser.

New M Performance Parts

There are more changes than meets the eye since the M Performance Parts portfolio extends to skin-deep upgrades, including an upgraded coilover suspension with height-adjustable springs and beefier brakes for superior stopping power. Aside from those racy centerlock wheels, BMW is offering forged wheels in a variety of styles and finishes. Inside, many of the surfaces can be covered in Alcantara and carbon fiber, along with different floor mats and even LED door projectors with the M logo. Heck, there’s even an M Performance key case.

Many of the extras shown here are likely to come as standard on the rumored M3 CS Touring and M2 CS, both of which are expected to arrive around 2025. Meanwhile, next year’s M4 CS will be a coupe-ified version of the M3 CS Sedan, which has a generous array of carbon bits.

Keep in mind BMW has already shown us an even wilder M2 at last year’s Essen Motor Show where the G87 had a big rear wing, a roof spoiler, and basically all the carbon fiber upgrades. One would argue these new images would’ve been a good opportunity to show the M2 in other colors, but then again, the exclusive Zandvoort Blue remains an excellent choice. If none of the standard hues tickle your fancy, BMW has revealed Individual Frozen Pure Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue for the G87 as yet another way of spending more on your build. These extra revenue streams are smart ways to maximize profits by enticing luxury shoppers with additional layers of customization.

BMW M3 Touring


Source: BMW