One of the many Individual paints, Mexico Blue has been around for several years and yet it’s the first time we’re seeing it on the current-generation M3. The sports sedan is a Competition model with xDrive, so the top-of-the-line version if we exclude the limited-run M3 CS special edition. Aside from the fairly rare paint job, there’s another reason this G80 build is a bit more special.

The back of the car features a carbon fiber diffuser housing the center-mounted quad exhaust tips. These are optional upgrades available through the M Performance Parts catalog to lend the M3 derrière a rear end just as controversial as the front. You can have the look-at-me exhaust setup not only on the M4 but also on the new M2 G87.

Since this isn’t a brand-new car, it features the old iDrive 7 infotainment inside the predominantly black cabin fitted with the pricey carbon fiber bucket seats. As you can probably tell, it’s a high-end M3 G80 build with loads of carbon fiber bits and laser headlights. Modifications are already planned as the owner, British shop R44 Performance specializing in aftermarket parts, plans to customize the Mexico Blue saloon both in terms of appearance and hardware.

They bought the car after owning another G80, a rear-wheel-drive example in Brooklyn Grey. The old car met its end on a wet track, sustaining significant damages and more than a few deployed airbags. It’s already been sold, so R44 Performance is now focusing on the all-paw M3. The plan is to fully modify the vehicle and take its twin-turbo, 3.0-liter inline-six engine to a whopping 850 horsepower.

They also happen to have an M4 G82 in Tanzanite Blue and it too will be subjected to many modifications. Since the sports coupe shares the “S58” engine with the M3 Sedan, the tuning potential is already known.

Source: R44 Performance