Even though the second-generation M2 hasn’t been around for that long, many tuners have already taken a crack at modifying the sports coupe. That’s not all too surprising since the G87 is a car tailored to enthusiasts, who are more likely to customize their prized possessions than someone with a mundane SUV. Considering BMW has built more than 10,000 units in a short timeframe, it’s no wonder the aftermarket scene is ready to deliver since a large enough customer base already exists.

Case in point, Polish company Maxton Design is offering a multitude of items for the new M2, many of which are manufactured from carbon fiber. The muscular rear-wheel-drive coupe can be fitted with a front spoiler lip, side skirts, and a roof-mounted rear spoiler, among other goodies. By far the most extravagant piece is the look-at-me wing that integrates a wide LED light bar to make the G87’s rear even more imposing. A look on the company’s website shows a steep asking price of 3,400 euros for this piece alone.

This Black Sapphire Metallic M2 sits on Wheelforce alloys and has been brought closer to the road courtesy of a stiffer suspension setup. By the looks of it, the interior has remained untouched with its regular seats instead of the optional body-hugging carbon bucket seats. This modified G87 has a carbon fiber dashboard trim and is equipped with the eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission rather than the six-speed manual.

BMW will happily build you a wild M2 by opting for the numerous M Performance Parts, which radically change the car’s appearance. Not just on the outside as there are more than a few items to spruce up the interior as well. Alternatively, you can wait for the hotter CS version to land in 2025 as that will most certainly have its own subset of extra trinkets, beyond mechanical upgrades.

Source: Maxton Design / Instagram, RoCars / YouTube