Sports cars deserve eye-catching paints such as the Zandvoort Blue available for the M2 G87 but not all enthusiasts want shouty colors for their performance vehicles. Those who would rather keep it low-key will prefer something simple like this Black Sapphire Metallic. Bavaria’s second generation of the sports coupe stars in a new photo shoot to show the murdered-out look is still trending in 2023.

There’s also the issue that might occur when it’s time to sell as some are afraid a bold color will pose a problem when the time comes to part ways with the car. Black is one of the ways to go and is also generally considered a good choice if you’re not overly fond of the general design. The dark look better hides the lines of a vehicle, and in the M2’s case, these have been rather controversial.

Photos: and flickr

There aren’t a lot of finishes available for the time being since BMW is currently offering only seven hues, with Individual Frozen Grey and Portimao Blue recently joining the color palette. We’d argue that black suits the new M2 quite nicely, especially if it’s complemented by Shadowline lights and completely dark wheels as is the case here. The only splash of color is provided by the contrasting red brake calipers, and with this being a car for the US market, the mandatory orange side reflectors also stand out.

Photos: and flickr

The M2 just hit the market, so it will take a while before BMW expands the color options for its compact rear-wheel-drive coupe. The amped-up CS version expected to arrive near the end of 2025 is likely to bring more paint choices but you won’t have to wait until then as the M division has hinted more hues will be added next year. Alternatively, the aftermarket scene will happily cater to your specific needs. Case in point, the new M2 has already received a full body wrap in Hidden Forest Green.

[Photos: and flickr]