If you’re not a big fan of BMW’s split headlight design for the 7 Series, then this sinister example might make the controversial look a bit more tolerable. Why? When the main headlights are off, you can barely see them since they’re tucked away behind a heavily tinted panel that blends with the luxobarge’s dark front fascia. One would argue that the murdered-out look also does a good job of making the large kidney grille less obvious.

An all-black 7 Series G70 is not what we’d call a novelty, but this 740d build with the M Sport Package fitted is a bit more special. Aside from riding on aftermarket wheels, it also boasts a custom aero body kit developed by Maxton Design. It gets an extended spoiler lip and a beefier rear apron with a built-in diffuser. Also at the back, there’s a sizeable trunk lid spoiler combined with a similar aero piece mounted at the edge of the roof.

As for the Individual interior, it hasn’t been subjected to any changes, not that it needed to since the G70’s cabin has been generally well-received. This one has the Tartufo Merino leather with a carbon fiber trim to suit the sportier exterior. It never ceases to amaze us how much the interior has changed with the latest generation as the iDrive 8 is just one of the many radical modifications made by BMW for its seventh-gen flagship.

Launched this spring, the 740d xDrive is mostly a European affair and comes with a 3.0-liter diesel engine equipped with mild-hybrid technology. The inline-six is good for 300 horsepower and an ample 670 Newton-meters (494 pound-feet) of torque, enough for a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 5.8 seconds and an electronically governed 155 mph (250 km/h).

BMW dropped all diesel offerings in the United States after the 2018 model year due to stricter emissions regulations as well as dwindling demand in the aftermath of the Volkswagen Group’s messy Dieselgate. With the Munich-based automaker focused on electrification, the days of diesel BMWs in the US are over.

Source: RoCars / YouTube