Today, BMW unveiled the Vision Neue Klasse, a concept car that previews a new design language and technology. Although BMW has not officially confirmed it as the future 3 Series electric (i3), there is very little doubt about that. The first-ever Neue Klasse electric vehicle is scheduled for 2025, but it won’t be the i3.

BMW iX3 (NA5)

Our sources indicate that the iX3 electric crossover will take center stage as the first Neue Klasse model. The new iX3, with the chassis code NA5, will enter production in Debrecen in the summer of 2025. Within 24 months of launching the first Neue Klasse model, BMW will introduce an additional five electric vehicles. So which ones are those?

BMW i3 Sedan (NA0)

The Neue Klasse-based 3 Series electric will be called the BMW i3 and will arrive in 2026. Clearly, it will be largely based on the Vision Neue Klasse concept we saw today. But before it arrives, we will see some additional concept cars that bring it closer to production form.

BMW i3 Touring (NA1)

The 3 Series Touring is one of the most important models for the European market. Therefore, a Neue Klasse BMW i3 Touring is expected also in 2026. It will be produced under the codename NA1 and will largely be based on the sedan version.

BMW iX4 (NA7)

The first-ever BMW iX4 will also arrive in 2026. Using the codename NA7, the iX4 will actually be only produced on the Neue Klasse architecture. In contrast, the iX3 will have a combustion-powered brother but on the CLAR architecture (G45).

BMW iX3M (Zxx potential naming convention)

BMW M is also pushing ahead with their own electric sports models. Rumors are that the first fully electric M car will be a crossover. The BMW iX3M (using a codename starting with Z) is likely to arrive a couple of years after the “regular” iX3. There isn’t much to share on this highly secret model, but we already know that M engineers are testing several Neue Klasse components in existing i4 prototypes.

BMW M3 EV (Also starting with a Z code)

Of course, we can anticipate an electric M3 within the Neue Klasse lineup. This project remains highly confidential, as one would expect, but it’s evident that it will draw inspiration from the 3 Series electric. The uncertainty lies in its arrival date, whether it will be in 2027 or a year later. Consequently, we cannot confirm whether this will be the sixth Neue Klasse model slated to debut within 24 months following the iX3.

We will talk about 2028 Neue Klasse in a future article, but for now, this is a fairly accurate list of what we should expect after 2025.