If you think today’s cars look too aggressive and tend to have a busy design, the Vision Neue Klasse should be to your liking. Well, maybe. BMW is previewing a new styling direction with simpler, smoother surfaces in a bid to demonstrate less is indeed more. This minimalist approach extends to the interior where traditional controls are now a thing of the past as the cabin has been decluttered.

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Ahead of its public debut next week at IAA Munich, we managed to get up close and personal with the VNK and its vastly different design compared to the 3 Series Sedan (G20). The fresh styling is essentially an evolution of the i Vision Dee, brought closer to production but still not the final car as that one isn’t due until 2025. That said, it’s easy to see BMW is planning to overhaul its design both inside and out.

Traditional design cues such as the kidney grille and Hofmeister kink are staying, but they’ve been given a new look to lend the electric 3er a futuristic vibe. As wide as the front fascia, the grille lights up more than on any other BMW available with the so-called Iconic Glow. The kidneys also incorporate minimalist headlights similar to what the i Vision Circular had.

All New Design

At the rear, the light bar with a similar 3D effect as the headlights is mounted up high and is bisected by a subtle BMW roundel. There are no giant vents or scoops and yet the VNK still looks sporty courtesy of pronounced wheel arches hosting the 21-inch alloys. The extended lights at the front and rear emphasize the sedan’s width while the modernized “shark nose” is a nod to classic BMWs.

While the exterior is a mélange of old and new, the cabin has basically nothing in common with any other BMW before it. The VNK previews the next-generation iDrive with a centrally positioned large infotainment working in conjunction with a full-width head-up display. The simplification we saw on the outside continues in the cabin where the instrument cluster is no more while buttons have been reduced to a minimum.

Although the concept has been configured with only four seats, a completely flat floor thanks to the bespoke EV platform should bring more comfort for a third person sitting in the back. You can get an idea of how spacious the concept is simply by looking at the length of the rear doors, reminding us of the stretched i3 Series electric sedan available in China. The full glass roof enhances the sense of spaciousness.

Love it or loathe it, the Vision Neue Klasse reinforces BMW’s courage to take risks, despite the controversy some of its recent designs have generated.