In a bold move signaling their commitment to sustainable mobility, BMW is rumored to continue the X4 story with an all-electric variant only. First rumors popped up in late 2022, but new sources state that the decision still stand. This shift demonstrates BMW’s dedication to the future of electric vehicles and aligns with their ambitious plans for the Neue Klasse architecture. Throughout its existence, the BMW X4 has played second fiddle to its sibling, the highly popular X3 Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). The X4’s unique styling, with its coupe-like roofline and aggressive stance, catered to a niche market. While the X3 gained immense popularity, the X4 remained a lower volume seller due to its specialized appeal. It’s likely that BMW recognized this trend and decided to take a bold step by reimagining the X4 for the electric era.

The Scrapped G46 X4 and the Rise of the iX4

Initially, BMW had plans for a new generation X4, codenamed G46. However, the shifting automotive landscape and growing demand for electric vehicles might have prompted BMW to reassess their strategy. As a result, plans for the combustion-powered G46 X4 are rumored to have been scrapped in favor of an all-electric variant. BMW’s Neue Klasse architecture serves as the foundation for the company’s next generation of electric vehicles. With a focus on advanced technologies, modular design, and sustainable manufacturing practices, the Neue Klasse platform will underpin several future models. The iX4, with its sleek and aerodynamic design, will be among the first batch of new vehicles to benefit from this EV-dedicated platform.

Production of the BMW iX4 is rumored to commence in late 2026, with the first models hitting the market as 2027 models. The Debrecen plant in Hungary has been designated as the primary manufacturing site for the iX4. However, considering that the upcoming BMW iX3 (built on a flexible architecture) will be produced at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina, it remains to be seen whether the Spartanburg facility will eventually join in the production of the iX4.

The Future of BMW and Electric Mobility

Powering the BMW iX4 and aligning with the Neue Klasse architecture, the sixth-generation batteries, known as Gen6 batteries, will be a game-changer in terms of performance and sustainability. Designed to enhance the overall driving experience, Gen6 batteries boast several notable advancements.

Improved Range and Charging Speeds

The Gen6 batteries integrated into the iX4 will deliver substantial improvements in range and charging speeds. With a 30% increase in range compared to previous generations, the iX4 will offer drivers the confidence to embark on longer journeys without concerns of running out of power. Additionally, the charging speed will be enhanced by 30%, enabling faster replenishment of the battery during pit stops or on longer trips.

Lower Production Costs and Reduced CO2 Emissions

One of the key advantages of the Gen6 batteries is their ability to lower production costs by approximately 50%. This reduction in manufacturing expenses not only makes electric vehicles more accessible to a broader range of customers but also contributes to the wider adoption of sustainable mobility. Moreover, the cylindrical cells utilized in Gen6 batteries will significantly reduce CO2 emissions generated during the battery manufacturing process. Compared to prismatic cells commonly used in previous generations, the cylindrical cells will slash CO2 emissions by an impressive 60%. This emphasizes BMW’s commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of its electric vehicles.

Lighter Weight and Enhanced Charging Speeds

The Gen6 batteries are estimated to weigh up to 20% less than their predecessors, further optimizing the overall weight distribution and improving the vehicle’s handling characteristics. This reduction in weight contributes to increased efficiency and extends the driving range. In terms of charging capabilities, Neue Klasse models, including the iX4, are expected to support a maximum charging power of 270 kW.

With the integration of Gen6 batteries, the BMW iX4 will likely offer an fun driving experience with improved range, faster charging times, and reduced environmental impact. The iX4 is also likely to get a sleek and futuristic design, so the new offering might become a compelling product within BMW’s SUV lineup.