Following reports from earlier this year stating the next-generation 1 Series and X3 with gasoline engines will drop the letter “it” from their names, it seems BMW has a similar plan for the flagship 7 Series. The G70 LCI is expected to enter production in March 2026 and is rumored to simply go by the name of 735 and 740 for the pure gas models.

The yet-to-be-confirmed change is mentioned by a well-known insider on the Bimmer Post forums. Assuming BMW will completely drop the “i” from all of its gasoline-fueled 7 Series facelift models, it also means the V8-powered 760i not sold in Europe will become the 760. The plug-in hybrids are expected to solider on with their current designations (750e and M760e), much like the 740d diesel.

As far as the purely electric 7 Series is concerned, the same source states BMW wants to update the nomenclature by putting the digits first. Consequently, today’s i7 xDrive60 could become the i7 60 xDrive. Logic tells us such a move would be implemented across the entire electric portfolio to avoid any potential confusion but nothing is official yet.

The facelifted 7 Series is expected to remain in production until June 2029, thus giving the LCI a shelf life of about three years and three months. In the meantime, BMW just introduced the armored 7er available in both ICE and EV flavors. The Protection model has its own internal codename – G73 – and can be had as a 760i or an i7 xDrive60.

Before the LCI in 2026, BMW aims to update its crown jewel by giving it the long-promised Level 3 self-driving system late this year or early 2024 but only in regions where regulations allow it.

As a final note, the next-generation 3 Series (G50) expected to hit the assembly line in late 2026 could also drop the “i” for the versions equipped solely with a gasoline engine. Yes, BMW intends to give the 3er at least one more generation with an ICE setup to complement the Neue Klasse-based i3 coming in 2025.

Source: Bimmer Post