BMW is introducing a new generation of protection vehicles in the luxury sedan segment, specifically the BMW i7 Protection and the BMW 7 Series Protection. These vehicles offer a unique blend of high-level protection, ride comfort, advanced features, and performance. The BMW i7 Protection is noteworthy as the world’s first protection sedan with an all-electric drive system, meeting class VR9 protection standards with its powerful electric motors. Similarly, the combustion-engine BMW 7 Series Protection meets the same protection standards.

BMW i7 Protection: The World’s First Electric Protection Sedan

The integrated security concept of these new protection vehicles is built around what BMW calls the Protection Core, featuring a self-supporting body structure made from armor steel, reinforced underbody and roof, and armored glass. The roof and underbody of the two protection sedans incorporate specialized armor aimed at providing optimal defense, particularly against explosive threats. This design ensures that occupants are safeguarded not only from potential drone attacks utilizing explosive charges but also from shrapnel resulting from the detonation of hand grenades, for instance.

BMW 7 Series Protection: Meets Class VR9 Protection Standards

Among the standard security features included in the BMW 7 Series Protection, you’ll also discover a self-sealing fuel tank. This tank is equipped with a specialized casing that allows it to automatically seal upon being struck by a bullet, effectively preventing any fuel leakage. According to BMW, the BMW i7 Protection and BMW 7 Series Protection have undergone weight optimization compared to their predecessors. Additionally, Integral Active Steering is exclusively featured in the new BMW i7 Protection and new BMW 7 Series Protection, making them the sole protection vehicles within their segments to incorporate this technology.

Integrated Security Concept

The new BMW i7 Protection and new BMW 7 Series Protection boast 20-inch light-alloy wheels paired with Michelin tires (measuring 255-740 R510) exclusively tailored for the protection sedans. The PAX tires are equipped with a runflat ring located on the wheel rim, enabling the vehicle to continue traveling at speeds of up to 80 km/h (50 mph) even in cases of complete pressure loss.

The certification is established on various criteria, including the third edition of the Bullet Resistant Vehicles guidelines (VPAM BRV) for ballistic resistance, the Explosive Resistant Vehicles guidelines (VPAM ERV, third edition) and PAS 300 for blast resistance. Notably, the glass in both models provides protection against calibre 7.62×54 R ammunition, categorized as VPAM 10 – the highest civilian resistance class. Additionally, the new BMW 7 Series Protection offers an optional partial protection extension in specific bodywork regions against VPAM 10 ammunition fire.

Comfort and Entertainment Features

To enhance visibility under cold conditions, the new BMW i7 Protection and new BMW 7 Series Protection come equipped with a standard electric heating feature for the windshield and the front portions of the side windows. These cars are still business limousines so some comfort and entertainment features are required. One of them is an integrated cool box positioned between the rear seats, designed to maintain the cold temperature of onboard beverage provisions. With an accommodating capacity of eight liters, it provides ample room for storing two water bottles and two glasses, which can be chilled to either 4 or 10 degrees Celsius, as per preference.

An optional camera-based interior mirror is available for selection. This mirror displays the video feed from the Reversing Assist Camera on the control display, offering a panoramic view regardless of driving speed or route type. The distinctiveness of the electronic supplementary interior mirror lies in its unparalleled form within the protection vehicle segment. The built-in intercom system enables occupants to communicate with external individuals without needing to open doors or windows. This system incorporates microphones in the exterior mirrors, an exterior speaker, a hands-free microphone in the headliner, and additional interior speakers. An optional rod microphone is placed in the center console storage tray, facilitating effective communication even when the windows are shut.

Availability and Delivery

These new protection vehicles will come to the IAA Mobility 2023 international motor show in Munich and will reach customers requiring specialized protection starting in December 2023. Both models are crafted at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing and provide tailored protection against firearms and explosives, classified as class VR9 protection based on international test criteria. BMW also offers special Protection driver training courses.