The last time we talked about Frozen Portimao Blue – a matte color from the Individual catalog – was last month when the M2 G87 gained the special paint. It’s now making the headlines again as BMW has decided to go with this finish for the M3 Touring displayed in Munich during the 34th BMW International Open.

Bavaria’s super wagon is presented in a high-end specification with the optional M Carbon Fiber Package and carbon-ceramic brakes featuring gold calipers behind the two-tone 826 M wheels. It also happens to have laser headlights, which we’ve noticed are becoming somewhat of a rarity as BMW is gradually dropping them with every new model it releases.

Say what you will about the controversial kidney grille, but there’s no denying that the M3 Touring has a powerful presence thanks to its bulging fenders. The back of the G81 is particularly appealing, and with this being a wagon, it’s also impressively practical for a luxury performance car. Inside, this car came equipped with the optional carbon bucket seats you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find on a wagon.

Enthusiasts would argue BMW decided to launch the car both at the right and wrong time. How can that be? On the one hand, electrification is about to take over but the M3 Touring still packs a pure inline-six setup. On the other hand, it’s 2023 and prices have gotten out of hand. Sold only as a Competition model with xDrive, the fast estate begins at €101,300 before ticking any boxes on the options list.

A larger wagon is likely on the way from the M division as 2025 should see the return of the M5 Touring (G99), packing over 700 hp from a plug-in hybrid V8 shared with the M5 Sedan (G90) after debuting in the XM. Unlike the M3 Touring, the upsized performance estate is rumored to get a US visa.

Source: rsDrive / YouTube