BMW developed the E46 M3 Touring Concept back in 2000 but it wasn’t until last year when the M division finally introduced a production performance of the 3 Series wagon for people to buy. Well, not all people. Sadly, the G81 isn’t available in North America, yet this long-roof M3 is heading to the United States. How is that possible? dÄHLer went through all the legal hurdles to make it happen and have the performance estate on display at the upcoming 2023 KIES Auto Show.

dÄHLer Brings Only M3 Touring in the US to KIES Auto Show

It’s believed to be the only M3 Touring to touch down in the U.S. but it’s obviously not for sale. In fact, the aftermarket specialist told us it can’t even be driven on public roads. The super wagon can stay in the country for up to a year, but its visit will be shorter than that. Purchasing the G81 wasn’t easy since the vehicle is a hot commodity and consequently delivery times are painfully long. dÄHLer got lucky as a dealer had a car coming for the showroom and the tuner purchased it on the spot.

M3 Touring Gets Custom Upgrades from dÄHLer

After taking delivery, the tuner shipped it home to Switzerland where it received an assortment of upgrades we can see in the adjacent photos. It was then transported back to Germany and now resides in a container en route to the US. Americans eager to see the forbidden fruit will be able to get up close and personal with the M3 Touring on July 9 at the Atco Raceway in New Jersey during the KIES Auto Show. A day before, members of the media will be invited to get acquainted with the one and only G81 residing on US soil.

Photo: dAHLer

You can imagine it wasn’t easy to obtain the necessary papers and have the car legally imported to the U.S., even if it’s only for a few months. dÄHLer has yet to decide whether it’s also going to display in August at the MPACT Motorsports Festival and Car Show.

As to why it has gone through all this trouble for a car Americans can’t buy, the tuner wants to boost its exposure in the United States. We’d reckon bringing the M3 Touring should do the trick. dÄHLer sells aftermarket parts in the country through New Jersey-based KIES Motorsports for a multitude of BMWs. It goes without saying some of the upgrades applied to the wagon can be had on the M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe/Convertible.

Next-Gen M5 Touring Could Come to the US in 2026

For Americans eager to get their hands on a BMW M Touring, we’re hearing the next-gen M5 Sedan (G90) is getting the wagon treatment (G99) and might just make it to the United States around 2026. As to why its smaller brother couldn’t make it, the regular 3 Series Touring wasn’t homologated for the North American market, so bringing the high-performance version would have required different crash tests and whatnot. The process would’ve been not only lengthy but also costly.

Source: dÄHLer