The 2023 BMW M3 Touring is one of the most expensive wagons money can buy without even ticking a single box on the options list. Those willing to go crazy with the configurator might want to take inspiration from this pricey G81 as it has approximately €30,000 in dealer-installed options. A new video shows the high-performance estate decked out with matte Individual paint and more than a few M Performance Parts. All told, it costs about €150,000 in Poland, once you factor in the optional equipment ordered from the factory and the extra M Performance bits installed by the dealer.

For starters, the car is finished in Frozen Deep Green – a color you’ll remember from the M5 CS. It also has a controversial exhaust setup with stacked tips mounted in the middle of the carbon fiber diffuser. As if that wasn’t enough to give the M3 Touring a striking look, whoever configured the car opted for the 1000 M wheels in Frozen Gold, contrasted by the red brake calipers.

Take away all the optional equipment – which includes miscellaneous items like M-branded door pins and fuel cap – and the super wagon remains the perfect solution for a do-it-all vehicle. It’s fast, luxurious, comfortable, practical, and brimming with technology. BMW took its sweet time coming out with this car, and enthusiasts would argue it arrived in the nick of time. Why? Because electrification is right around the corner.

In fact, BMW M has already gone hybrid with the XM, and the upcoming M5 is the next model to get a plug-in hybrid. Speaking of the sports sedan carrying the G90 codename, it’s likely getting a wagon cousin as the G99. Of course, it’s going to be even more expensive than the M3 Touring, so you’d better start saving. Unlike its smaller sibling, the third-ever M5 Touring (after the E34 and E61) is rumored to be offered in the United States.

Let’s face it. Cars aren’t getting any cheaper, on the contrary. With that in mind, the M3 Touring is likely at the lowest price it’ll ever be, and its bigger brother will surely command a significant premium. These cars are competing in a rarified segment as rivals are few and far between. Thankfully, AMG and Audi Sport are sticking with their high-performance wagons for the time being.

Source: Marek Drives in English / YouTube