Because of the price gap and different segments of the market, BMW will never be on the same level as Rolls-Royce in terms of customization options. However, the German luxury brand is still one of the best in the business when it comes to offering its buyers numerous ways to configure their cars, especially if we’re talking about an M product. Case in point, there are a plethora of items to make the M3 Touring your own.

One color that we haven’t seen before on the G81 is Arctic Race Blue, which made the headlines in 2020 on the latest-generation 4 Series. Oddly enough, this paint doesn’t show up in the M3 Touring’s configurator for the time being, nor is it included in the Visualizer websites (yes, there are two of them) for Individual paints. This walkaround video shows us the AMG C63 Estate competitor with matching brake calipers along with black side mirror caps and roof.

Parked on the side of the street behind an XM, this Arctic Race Blue M3 Touring rides on the 825 M wheels and has a Silverstone/White interior. As a refresher, BMW isn’t offering a carbon fiber roof for the wagon, but you can have one for the M3 Sedan as well as the lesser M340i Sedan. The reasoning has to do with having to retool the factory for a low-volume product, with the company deciding it’s just not worth the hassle.

Some would argue Arctic Race Blue is a bit too tamed for such a wild car, but then again, this is a wagon and we’re certain some owners want to fly under the radar. The Individual catalog boasts numerous striking colors but even the regular paints such as M Sao Paulo and M Isle Of Men Green give the speedy estate a striking look. Should the M3 CS Touring version that’s already being tested get the proverbial green light, it might come along with at least one special paint.

Source: CAR POSITIVE / YouTube