When BWM unveiled the Concept Touring Coupe, a modern interpretation of the iconic Clown Shoe, at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, it took the automotive world by storm. Fans were thrilled to see BMW create what is essentially a Z4 Coupe. However, the BMW Z4’s mechanical twin is the Toyota Supra and if you give it the same coupe treatment, it looks even better than the Z4.

This render from Sugar Design shows off what the Toyota gave the Supra the Clown Shoe treatment and it looks fantastic. It’s actually a better looking Clown Shoe than the BMW version, which is interesting. Admittedly, it helps that the Supra is better looking than the Z4 to begin with, so naturally its coupe version is going to look better, too. But I cant’ get over just how good looking it is.

I’m a big fan of the Supra’s looks and, despite the criticism tossed around by cynical car enthusiasts, I like the way it drives. I think it’s a kick-ass little sports car, even if it does feel very BMW-like. I’d drive one over a 2 Series or 4 Series any day of the week. But its awesome design is a big part of why I like it so much. So it’s odd to me that changing its back end actually improves it.

This is what BMW’s version looks like

Think about this for a second, just as a fun thought exercise. Imagine a Toyota Supra 3.0—which uses a BMW B58 straight-six that makes 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, with its awesome styling but a practical hatchback trunk? Making it even better is the fact that the Supra is available with a six-speed manual transmissions, making it the only B58-powered car offered with a manual in North America. If that doesn’t stick BMW fans in the side, I’m not sure what will. So this could be a B58-powered Supra hatchback with a manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. Sounds pretty much perfect. It wouldn’t exactly be practical, as it’s still a two-seater, but it would have extra room for luggage or groceries, helping it to be either a good grand tourer or daily driver, respectively.

Obviously, Toyota isn’t going to make such a car. We’re not even 100 percent sure BMW is going to make a production version of the Concept Touring Coupe (although, it does seem likely). However, if Toyota were to make such a car, it’d immediately be one of the coolest cars on the road.

[Source: Sugar Design | Instagram]