BMW XM Rendered in Production-Ready Form

From what we can tell, the BMW XM is going to look… different. Its mammoth size and unusual features make it quite possibly the most peculiar car the Bavarian brand has ever made. It makes…

BMW iX2 front three quarter 830x553

BMW iX2 Rendered With iX1 Design–Is it Necessary?

BMW just unveiled its third-generation X1 crossover and, alongside it, an all-electric version, the BMW iX1. The latter of which is the more important car, as it will finally offer BMW customers an entry-level EV…

BMW 7 Series Touring Rendered with Wagon Body Style and Looks Surprisingly Good

2024 bmw i5 touring 00 830x553

First Rendering of a Potential 2024 BMW i5 Touring

According to our sources, there’s a very good chance that a BMW i5 Touring could hit the market sometime after 2024. While nothing is set in stone, we’ve heard of a desire from brass at…