2022 bmw m4 cs render 00 830x553

BMW M4 CSL Rendered — Lookin’ Lower and Meaner

The new BMW M4 has divided the fanbase; there are those that like its design and those that don’t. However, there’s one thing neither side can deny — the new M4 is more aggressive looking…

2022 bmw m3 touring render 04 830x553

Future 2022 BMW M3 Touring gets rendered again

All of the outrage surrounding the new BMW M3 and M4’s design has seemingly overshadowed the reality that an M3 Touring is on the way. Just that fact alone should ease the sting of the…

This BMW M4 Shooting Brake Render is Oddly Desirable

2021 bmw m4 toronto red 08 830x553

This BMW M4 Shooting Brake Render is Actually Awesome

Personally, I’ve been rather critical of the new BMW M4’s styling. My critique is the same as most enthusiasts’ — the giant kidney grille. It’s just not good looking and completely distracts from what is…