Shooting Brake

BMW 8 Series Convertible South Africa 87 830x553

BMW 8 Series looks stunning as a Shooting Brake

The BMW 8 Series family hasn’t been without flaws; it’s a bit too expensive, lacks the sort of cabin you’d expect for the price, and, despite being massive on the outside, is rather cramped inside in…

bmw m4 shooting brake 01 830x553

Render: BMW M4 Shooting Brake – The Dream Car?

The folks at at Sugar Design are known for pushing the envelope with their renderings. Instead of solely focusing on confirmed, or semi-confirmed BMWs, they sometimes go off track and create some unique rendered images….

BMW Shooting Brake concept harks back to the legendary Z3 Coupe

BMW i8 Shooting Brake Rendering Looks Enticing

If you take a look at the hundreds of BMW i8 renderings out there you might notice that a significant number of them are showing the hybrid sports car in a shooting brake guise. It…

Rendering: BMW i8 Shooting Brake Looks Doable

Looking at the BMW i8 you’ll find it hard to believe it was launched five years ago. Hell, it’s ever harder to believe the concept came out initially some 8 years ago and that’s due…