Earlier today, Germany’s Auto Moto und Sport ran a piece around the BMW  Z4 with the S58 engine being planned for the finale of the current generation. Similar rumors have circulated in the past regarding the Toyota Supra, but none of them came to fruition. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but according to our trusted sources, there is absolutely no chance BMW will put an S58 engine in the Z4.

Why No BMW Z4 M?

Back in 2023, we sat down with the head of the Z4 project, Michael Wimbeck, and we asked the question: why no BMW Z4 M? Wimbeck told us that, firstly, there was just no market for a BMW Z4 M. BMW did look into it carefully and genuinely considered it. The engineer also told us at the time that creating a Z4 M involves more than just swapping in the twin-turbocharged S58 engine from the M3/M4. Despite appearing straightforward, the differences between the S58 engine and its B58 counterpart are significant, particularly in the braking system.

The S58 comes with M Integrated Braking System, a compact module that enables precise brake adjustments and offers two distinct pedal feel settings. Integrating this advanced braking system into the Z4, along with the necessary cooling modifications, proved too challenging for a low-volume car.

Small, Diminishing Market

Moreover, BMW has recently unveiled a Z4 M40i with a six-speed manual transmission, called the Handschalter. We also learned that even the investment in this particular project was quite significant for a car likely to be a low-volume product. Additionally, the end of production is near, as BMW plans to roll out the last Z4 in 2026, the same as Toyota with their Supra. Developing a new product, like an S58-powered BMW Z4 M, is quite extensive and takes years, which BMW doesn’t have today.

So, as much as we would love to see another fantastic BMW Z4 M Roadster, the odds are certainly stacked against it. In the meantime, stay tuned for our review of the 2024 BMW Z4 M40i, a car we believe is the best buy in the current BMW lineup.