You can get a BMW Z4 with a four-pot in the United States but that’s not the case anymore for its Supra coupe equivalent. Unexpectedly, Toyota is pulling the plug on the 2.0-liter engine, a mere three years after introducing the entry-level model. Going forward, the sports car with a fixed metal roof will be offered in the US strictly with the B58 engine.

The surprising simplification of the lineup is occurring for the 2025 model year, which leaves the Supra only with the 3.0 and 3.0 Premium trims. The hotter GRMN is still a no-show, but chances are it will break cover later this year. It’s unclear whether it’ll have the S58 or not. If it does, it’ll cause frustration among BMW fans considering the Z4 roadster doesn’t get the M engine.

From what we’ve heard, there are no plans for a full-fat Z4 M as BMW’s version of the Supra GRMN. The M Performance model will remain the range-topper. For 2025MY, you can have the convertible sports car with six cylinders and three pedals – a combination that should’ve been available years ago. Rowing your own gears in the M40i is only possible by getting the Edition Handschalter Package for $3,500. That brings the grand total to $71,125 after destination and handling fees.

Should you want the Zupra, the base 3.0 costs $57,345 for the 2025MY, with or without the manual. The better-equipped 3.0 Premium is $60,495. That makes the six-speed Z4 considerably more expensive but the base auto-only Z4 sDrive30i is the cheapest of the bunch, at $55,225.

How does the future look for the two models? Not great. Automotive News quotes Magna Steyr saying production of both cars will end in 2026. The two are manufactured in Graz (Austria), and in the Z4’s case at least, a direct successor is not planned. A well-known BMW insider claims the last G29 will be assembled in March 2026.

Source: Toyota