Whenever G-Power gets its skilled hands on a BMW product, the outcome is always nothing short of spectacular. This M3 Touring is no exception as the G81 has been given a special look to match the extra power coming from underneath those carbon fiber hood vents. The German tuner has decided to give the super wagon a green wrap, complemented by the “Hulk” emblem replacing M3 Competition on the kidney grille.

It has also swapped the BMW roundel in favor of G-Power’s own badges at the front and wheel as well as on the custom 21-inch forged wheels wrapped in 285/30 R20 front and 295/25 R20 rear tires. Eagle-eyed readers will also notice the updated front grille with a different pattern inspired by the M3 CS and the M4 CSL. Carbon fiber add-ons and clear taillights round off the visual tweaks.

It’s not all show without any extra go as the S58 engine has been massaged to deliver a whopping 720 horsepower and 850 Newton-meters (627 pound-feet) of torque. To our knowledge, this is the most potent M3 Touring build to date. These figures represent a massive bump over the standard configuration with the twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six dialed to 510 hp and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft).

BMW is testing an M3 CS Touring with a bit more oomph, but even if approved, it won’t get anywhere near the muscle of this aftermarket project. Logic tells us it’ll have 550 hp to match the sedan introduced at the beginning of the year. While the M3 CS will do an electronically governed 188 mph (302 km/h), G-Power’s wild estate is capped at 200 mph (322 km/h).

If the output is too much to handle, G-Power also has a lesser package that produces 670 hp and 800 Nm (588 lb-ft). An entry-level kit massages the six-cylinder engine to 620 hp and 750 Nm (551 lb-ft). The tuner can also fit its own custom exhaust system with carbon-coated tailpipes measuring 100 and 120 mm.

Source: G-Power