The X6 M Competition and M2 G87 don’t have much in common, although the dynamic duo would be perfect for someone’s two-car garage. The vastly different takes on the M formula posed for the camera in front of BMW UK’s headquarters while flaunting the same Brooklyn Grey metallic paint. They share more than just the metallic paint job as both have horizontal slats for the kidney grille in the same vein as the M3/M4 and XM but not the M5 or M8. The heavily tined Shadowline headlights are also a common trait.

Regarding the paint job, Brooklyn Grey is one of the few paint jobs currently offered by BMW for the M2 while the 2024 X6 M Competition is available in more shades. The Individual catalog for the high-performance SUV will include around 50 paints right from the start. As a refresher, the G87 can’t be had with fancy colors for the time being, but they’ll likely be added later in the life cycle.

Aside from the obvious size and body style differences, the coupe’s more angular front fascia is immediately noticeable as the squarish air intakes and grill lend the M2 a special look not shared with other BMW M models. Now only sold as a Competition model, the X6 M LCI has the more imposing (if not intimidating) front and an “X” motif created by the glossy black area connecting the grille with the lower air intake.

Although both are performance cars, the M2 and X6 M cater to different segments of the market and highlight the diverse portfolio offered by BMW M. One is a fairly small coupe with a manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive while the other is a large SUV sold exclusively with an automatic transmission and xDrive. There is an interesting rumor about an all-wheel-drive M2 but as far as we know, a final decision has yet to be taken.

Our ideal two-car solution from BMW would likely include the M2 but we’d swap the X6 M for an M3 Touring or the future M5 Touring due around 2025.

Source: Tim King / Instagram