The M2 G87 won’t be unveiled until October, but the BMW community is always on the look for any potential versions of a future model. Case in point, a member of the BimmerPost forums has stumbled upon an interesting document found somewhere in the company’s technical information system that lists an xDrive-equipped variant of the compact sports coupe.

Even though the PDF (you can find it at the source link below) comes from an official source, it doesn’t necessarily mean BMW is working on an M2 with all-wheel drive. Automakers try out all sorts of things before deciding what to put into production and what to scrap. According to our own sources, an xDrive derivative has not been approved yet. In fact, engineers aren’t even testing it.

That being said, an M2 xDrive is not completely out of the question. BMW already sells a six-cylinder 2 Series Coupe with and without AWD in the M240i. The German luxury marque could decide to follow the same strategy used for the bigger M4. At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether there is a viable business case to warrant the development costs. Based on what we know, there is a chance it’ll happen one day.

The United States would represent the main market for an all-paw M2 and some BMW customers have been quite vocal in requesting an xDrive derivative. It is technically possible, but the company needs to crunch the numbers first and determine whether it would be worth adding this new flavor. Logic tells us such a variant would likely be sold only with an automatic transmission and it would make sense to bump the engine’s output for a hotter derivative, such as a CS or something similar.

However, we may be getting ahead of ourselves. Even if BMW decides to approve an M2 xDrive, it certainly won’t hit the market until 2024 or 2025 at the earliest. An AWD setup takes time to test and perfect, so it won’t happen overnight.

Source: Tag / BimmerPost