Math starts at $62,200 for the 2023 BMW M2 in the United States but there are numerous ways to spend a lot more money on your G87 build. Aside from the options found in the configurator, there is a separate set of extra items available through the catalog of M Performance Parts. You might remember seeing a strikingly orange car at the Essen Motor Show where it flaunted a wide array of MPP. Here’s how much some of those items go for.

A member of the Bimmer Post forums has shared an internal document revealing the price tags of a few accessories. At $8,275, the M Performance exhaust is the priciest of the lot and comes bundled with a different diffuser to house the center-mounted stacked tips. Do you want the front carbon attachments? That’ll be $2,270. Other expensive goodies include the $1,560 matte carbon seatbacks and $1,045 carbon air inlets.

The rear carbon fiber trunk lid spoiler costs $775 and given its somewhat reasonable asking price, we’re tempted to believe it’s the more subtle piece (pictured above) rather than the look-at-me wing of the M2 shown in Essen. As for the armrest wrapped in Alcantara, it’s available for $455. The carbon fiber door sills are another $350 and BMW will charge you $330 for the antenna made from the same lightweight material.

The list is incomplete since we’re noticing the most important MPP item is missing. That would be the centerlock wheels, which are also coming to the ultra-rare 3.0 CSL and possibly other M3/M4 versions sooner rather than later. In addition, the M Performance coilover suspension is also not listed, which can lower the sports coupe by up to 25 mm at the front and 20 mm at the rear.

The complete catalog of MPP for the new M2 includes everything from a roof-edge spoiler and a titanium silencer to the carbon fiber steering wheel and even M-branded door locking pins.

Source: Bimmer Post