BMW was the first to create the coupe-like SUV trend with the first-generation X6. At the time, brand loyalists were aghast at the sight of such a bulbous Bavarian. However, over a decade later, the BMW X6 is in its third generation and is thriving. Now, the third-generation 2024 BMW X6 gets a mid-cycle facelift to keep it fresh as it rides out into the sunset, to be replaced by a new, electrified generation.

Sleeker Headlights

As per usual with BMW’s recent LCI facelifts, the X6’s nip and tuck is rather subtle. The 2024 BMW X6 Facelift’s kidney grilles are unchanged from the pre-LCI car, especially since the pre-LCI BMW X6 had illuminated grilles too. The new X5 Facelift’s light-up grilles are new but they’re old news on the X6. It does get new headlights, though, which are slimmer, sleeker, and sportier than before. They also get new dual arrow-like lights that point outward.

Photos: Exterior Design

Below those headlights is an all new front fascia and air intakes. It’s much tamer and more sophisticated than the pre-LCI car, which is refreshing on an aggressive looking car like the X6. Instead of just three big rectangular air intakes for the M Sport models, the new 2024 BMW X6 M60i gets one larger center air intake with two vertical ones flanking it. It’s a bit prettier than before, which is nice to see. Also, because the M60i is an M Performance model, it now gets proper M mirrors, like all other new M Performance.

New Taillights Design

Out back, the 2024 BMW X6 keeps its basic taillight design but they get a bit more three dimensional, similar to the X3’s and X5’s new taillights. It also gets new quad exhausts, which are oddly shaped and stick out of the new rear bumper. Speaking of rear bumper, it now gets a body color “diffuser.” I used quotes there because it’s about as much of a diffuser as I am a body builder.

There are a few new colors for the BMW X6 as well. Blue Ridge Mountain Metallic, Brooklyn Grey, Skyscraper Grey, and Frozen Pure Grey are available across the X6 range, while there’s a new color for the X6 M60i that fans are sure to like—Isle of Man Green. The latter of which was made popular by the BMW M3 and quickly became a fan favorite.

Similar Interior As The X7

Inside, the 2024 BMW X6 Facelift is extremely similar to the new X7. It gets the same curved dual screen iDrive 8 infotainment system, with a new digital gauge cluster, and entirely digital climate controls. While it’s all-new for the BMW X6, it isn’t anything new to the lineup, as most new BMWs have the same system. However, current X6 customers trading in their leases will enjoy the upgrade. Gone is the previous gear lever and in its place is a toggle switch, like every other newly facelifted BMW.

Also new is the light bar trim on the dashboard, which is also similar to the X7. It’s customizable and can change lights based on certain modes. BMW added a unique Welcome Light Carpet, which shines certain light on the ground when the car is locked and unlocked. As you approach the car, once the key is in range, the welcome lights will trigger and so will welcome graphics on the iDrive screen.

Options on the 2024 BMW X6

Largely, options remain unchanged from the previous model year. A new addition is the M Sport Professional Package. It adds more aggressive additions like black chrome tailpipes and painted brake calipers to M Sport vehicles. The Climate Comfort Package, Executive Package, and Premium Package all enter into the new model year mostly the same. After a one-year hiatus, Gesture Control is back on the menu, and favorites like glass controls and massaging seats return. Even two-axle air suspension makes a triumphant return for the 2024 model year.

Major Engine Upgrades

The update is more than just a new screen and some new headlights, though. The 2024 BMW X6 gets two new engine upgrades, for both six and eight-cylinder engines. The B58 3.0-liter twin-turbo I6 engine gets revised to its latest edition, which now packs 48-volt mild-hybrid technology. That means it now makes 375 horsepower and a very impressive 398 lb-ft of torque. The B58 engine is only available with xDrive all-wheel drive, unlike the BMW X5 which offers a rear-drive model. For the X6 xDrive40i, 0-60 mph happens in 5.2 seconds.

As for the V8, the 2024 BMW X6 M60i now uses the S68 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, which also has mild-hybrid tech. It replaces the outgoing N63 engine and it’s a proper M engine in a standard BMW. It makes the same 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft as before but it’s a smoother, more efficient engine and, since it’s a proper M engine, it can be tuned to make much more power. Still, with a 0-60 mph time of 4.2 seconds, few customers will need more power.

Expectedly, the BMW X6 gets a couple of nice suspension and chassis features. Adaptive suspension is a given but it also gets BMW’s Integral Active Steering (rear wheel steering), which can turn the rear wheels opposite the fronts a few degrees at low speeds and in unison with the fronts at high speeds. At low speeds, that effectively shortens the wheelbase, giving it a smaller turning circle and sharper handling, while adding stability at high speeds. In the name of sportiness, the BMW X6 doesn’t get the optional two-axle air suspension that the BMW X5 gets.

2024 BMW X6 Pricing

Since the BMW X6 first debuted back in 2008, it’s been one of the brand’s most popular models. Customers love its fashion-forward design, even if many enthusiasts hate it. So it’s no wonder why it keeps getting new generations and new updates. Though, this likely the last time we’re going to see one with gas engines. The 2024 BMW X6 xDrive40i starts at $73,900, a $3,800 increase over the 2023 version. The 2024 BMW X6 M60i begins at $93,600 – an increases from $89,100.

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