The current generation F90 M5 is ending production pretty soon. So you’ll have to move fast if you want one – and who doesn’t? Buying a 2023 BMW M5 allows you to enjoy the immensely capable S63 V8 engine – one of the last cars to use it, other than its platform mate, the M8 – unencumbered by 48-volt mild hybrid technology. But, as you likely already know, a new M5 is right around the corner.

Enthusiasts will get their first look at the next generation G90 M5 soon – likely sometime this year. With it, the thrilling possibility of an exciting M5 Touring variant. It will utilize a hybrid setup shared with the flagship BMW XM – promising more power than ever. What’s more, new technology will give the next-gen M5 cabin a much more modern feel, with enhanced driver assistance features and a more futuristic iDrive setup. But will it be worth the wait?

Pros of Buying a 2023 BMW M5


One of the biggest advantages of buying a 2023 BMW M5 is the fact that it’s a known quantity. Auto journalists, YouTubers, and average Joes have written tomes of praise regarding the car. To no surprise, an all-wheel drive rocket ship is exceptionally fun to drive. But it goes a bit further than that. While the technology in the current M5 may seem intrusive compared to the Spartan driver aids found in the M5s of yesteryear, the G90 M5 promises to have even more of it. While drivers can disable most of the driver assists, it still means a bigger screen and fewer physical buttons.

A second pro to buying a 2023 BMW M5 is that you can get one at all! BMW hasn’t scheduled the US arrival of the G90 M5 to begin until sometime in late 2024. That’s a long wait – especially considering you can order the already-thrilling F90 M5 right now. Moreover, you’ll likely wait even longer for a G90 M5 if you have plans for an order with Individual paint.

Finally, the F90 M5 will be the last M5 powered exclusively by a twin-turbo V8 engine.

Cons of Buying a 2023 BMW M5

M5 Competition LCI

The obvious downside to buying a 2023 BMW M5 is that it’s gonna look really old in the fairly immediate future. It boasts exceptionally reserved styling even today – imagine how it’s going to look when the G90 launches. While we don’t yet know what the G90 M5 looks like, some M5 renders have begun to float around the web, and while they tend to stay pretty conservative as well, it still ages the F90 M5 measurably. Plus, if you’re tech-oriented, you’ll likely value the updated interior appointments – as the tech of the F90 M5 is rapidly aging.

Buying a 2023 BMW M5 means getting a lower-performing car. While it sounds ridiculous to say that, it will – factually and via instrumented testing – perform worse than the upcoming G90 M5. While all-wheel drive and 600 horsepower are great, it may even be bested (on paper) by the upcoming all-electric i5 – even without a true i5M variant. What’s more? The i5 will likely beat the G90 M5 to production, so you won’t even need to wait that long.

Lastly – buying a 2023 BMW M5 means you don’t get the highly anticipated G99 M5 Touring. While it’s still a way off – likely sometime in 2025 for US shoppers – long roof enthusiasts should have no problem waiting. After all, this will be the first-ever M5 Touring on US soil. But, of course, this becomes less of an issue if you can afford to own more than one M5.

Should I Buy a 2023 BMW M5?


That’s a decision you’ll need to come to on your own. Assuming you can’t own both, you must balance your time and the vehicle’s performance and technology – and assign values to each. If you can’t stand the direction in which BMW design is moving, buying a 2023 BMW M5 is probably a solid move. On the other hand, waiting will be a better option if you need to have the latest and greatest tech and touchscreens.

Of course, you could just go all-in on the retro look. $109,900 – base MSRP of the F90 M5 – buys a lot of E39 M5 and E60 M5, too. Decisions, decisions. Happy shopping.