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2020 bmw z4 m40i test drive 16 830x553

BMW Z4 M40i is a Future Classic

For a car to become deemed a “future classic”, there’s generally a few prerequisites to be met. The first and most important one is that it must be fun to drive – if nobody wants…

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BMW M3 Touring Alternatives in the United States

It’s finally official – the G81 M3 Touring is never coming to America, at least by BMW’s hand. This angers countless thousands of internet forum-goers, perhaps among them the twelve Americans willing and able to…

bmw i7 carbon black 830x553

BMW i7 – This is my Ideal Configuration

The all-electric, all-new, and almost entirely all-grille 2023 BMW i7 xDrive60 is finally available to configure on BMW’s Build Your Own configurator. Options are lavish, plentiful, and above all expensive – making it very easy…

Which BMW SUV is for You? – Buyer’s Guide

BMW M4 CS test drive 39 830x553

BMW M4 CS Prices – What Makes It Special?

There sure is a lot of excitement surrounding the G82 BMW M4 CSL. Which is perfectly logical because it’s a terrifically powerful and super-exclusive BMW. Which is interesting – because the same enthusiasm was not…

Which BMW M5 is for you?

For over thirty years, the BMW M5 has been one of the most immediately recognizable names in the motoring world. Its heritage traces back to the BMW M1, and carries into the current decade with…

bmw ix xdrive50 sophisto grey 02 830x553

BMW iX – This is how I would spec my electric SUV

With customer deliveries of the all-new iX beginning, and BMW’s price increases announced for the 2023 models, it’s an opportune time to see what options add the most value to BMW’s first ever electric SAV….

BMW M4 CSL E46 M3 CSL 830x553

BMW M4 CSL and its E46 M3 CSL Origins

After nearly two decades, BMW M has finally brought the “CSL” moniker back to the M4 – successor to the vaunted E46 M3 CSL. And with only 1,000 units worldwide, it promises to be an…

bmw m3 family 44 750x500

Which BMW M3 is for you?

BMW is officially celebrating the 50 Year anniversary of BMW M in 2022. This compels one to look back at one of the most iconic BMWs to have ever been graced by the M division…

bmw e46 m3 coupe 00 830x553

Best BMW Under $40,000

If you’re looking to spend between $30,000 and $40,000 on a BMW, chances are you’re looking at buying something a bit newer – perhaps a daily driver. However, it’s also an excellent price point for…