BMW hasn’t revealed the LCI facelift for its 4 Series coupe and Gran Coupe just yet. However, it likely isn’t hard to guess what it will look like. Like most brands, BMW seems to use the same corporate design language for all of its updates, so that all models have some familiarity. So this new render for the 4 Series LCI aims to guess the change by borrowing some of the same design elements seen on other new BMWs.

Better Integration Of the Kidney Grille

This render was done by the Germany’s Finest Instagram and it gives the 4 Series slightly refreshed headlights and new front air intakes. The former look similar to the pre-LCI car, just with arrow-like lighting elements, similar to those found on the new X5 LCI. While that’s probably similar to what the real car will have, it’s more likely that the 4 Series borrows its headlight design from the 3 Series LCI, to keep them looking like they’re from the same family.

As the caption for the Instagram post says, the biggest problem with the 4 Series’ design is how the grille is integrated into the front bumper (though, I’d argue that the grille as a whole is the biggest problem). So this render features a new lower front air intake, which sort of sits behind the lower portion of the grille. It looks better than the current car and the side air intakes look a bit more functional (even if they aren’t).

What isn’t seen in this render but will absolutely be featured on the 4 Series LCI is the new iDrive 8 infotainment system. The BMW i4 features iDrive 8 but not piston-powered 4 Series’, so the LCI will bring such new tech. Along with iDrive 8, the 4 Series LCI will get an entirely new curved dual-screen display, one for the infotainment and one for the digital gauges. The infotainment will be heavily touchscreen-based but the 4er will also likely keep the iDrive rotary controller, despite it not being present on the BMW X1. Annoyingly, all of the climate controls are built into the touchscreen and requires too much looking away from the road to operate them.

There’s no way to tell whether this is accurate, for certain. BMW not only hasn’t revealed any details of the 4 Series LCI but there haven’t been any test mules caught driving around in public. However, it’s probably pretty close to the real thing. Thankfully, we’ll  officially see what it looks when it’s finally revealed.

[Render: Germany’s Finest]