Well, that didn’t take too long. BMW started production of the M3 Touring at the Munich plant in November 2022 and one of the first super wagons assembled has already been crashed if not totaled. Currently available in Switzerland on the AutoScout24 sales platform, this G81 super wagon finished in Sapphire Black was registered on 11/22. It has only covered 2,300 kilometers (1,429 miles) and might have met its end already.

Photos available at the source link below show the AMG C63 Estate rival with a heavily damaged front end while the rest of the exterior is seemingly intact. Pictures of the inside show many of the airbags were deployed at the moment of impact, which should make the M3 Touring quite expensive to repair. Provided the sporty wagon will ever get back on the road…

We can’t help but notice the car was equipped with Michelin summer tires, which is always a bad idea for a powerful car (510 hp in this case) used during the winter when roads are slippery, especially early in the morning. One has to wonder whether the insurance company would cover the repair bill even if winter tires are not mandatory in the country.

It’s unclear what caused this but one can imagine a “classic” combination of an inexperienced driver and lack of traction. Lest we forget the xDrive setup of the M3 Touring can be configured to a pure RWD model, which might have contributed to the costly crash. Hopefully, the driver and any possible passengers escaped unscathed.

The wrecked long-roof M3 wearing the anniversary roundels is up for grabs should you be willing to fork out 72999 CHF or approximately $79,500 / €73,800 at current exchange rates. That’s not exactly the bargain of the century, but then again, an M3 Touring is an expensive car. In Switzerland, it retails from 128800 CHF, so around $140,000 / €130,000.

Source: AutoScout24