UPDATE: Here is the new BMW X5 Facelift. The 2024 BMW X5 Facelift reveal is less than a week away but if you want to see it early, you can check out this leaked photo from a French-speaking BMW online configurator. In the photo, you can see the ad from an official BMW site but it doesn’t say which one. However, all of the wording is in French, so it’s likely either BMW France or Belgium that accidentally posted the X5 Facelift early. In the photos, you can clearly see the front end of the BMW X5 and, while it’s a touch blurry, you can see every new detail. It gets entirely new headlights, which are far slimmer and sleeker than before. It also gets BMW’s new angular light elements inside the headlight housings. They look much more like those seen on the BMW M4, rather than the chunkier ones on the pre-LCI X5.

While the kidney grilles are mostly the same as before, the new 2024 X5 Facelift gets illuminated grilles, which are becoming more and more common on modern Bimmers. It’s an option many customers see to like, so it’s no surprise that BMW is expanding its applications. The front air intakes are different, too. They’re simpler and more rectangular, with both horizontal and vertical intake vents, at the bottom and below the headlights, respectively. If my eyes aren’t tricking me, it also seems that the X5 LCI has a slightly updated Air Breather vent on the front fender.


There aren’t any photos of the rear, so it’s impossible to tell what the updated taillights look like but we’ve seen previous spy photos and leaked photos of its back end so we’ve already gotten a good idea of what it looks like. The rest of the car looks the same but that’s to be expected. Inside, the BMW X5 LCI will get the same sorts of updates that the X7 LCI did. So expect iDrive 8, with the dual curved screen and digital gauges, and the new toggle switch shift lever. There could be some new trim pieces, too.

However, the big news will be its engines. The BMW X5 M60i will replace its old M50i’s N63 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with the new S68 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. It might seem the same, and it does make the same power, but it’s an all new engine with 48-volt mild hybrid tech. That same engine will also replace the BMW X5 M’s S63 engine, just in a higher state of tune.

We’ll see the official 2024 BMW X5 Facelift reveal next week, along with the X6, so you might just want to wait a few more days to see the real thing, rather than study these blurry leaked photos.

[Source: Wilco Blok] [Top Render: instagram.com/germanysfinest43]