Mansory, the tuning company known for making outrageous, overly extravagant tuning kits, has no turned its attention to BMW’s largest, more in-your-face car—the BMW X7. The German tuning firm is offering a new tuning kit for the X7, along with many choices of wheels, and it’s put them on display in these new renders. Oddly enough, the renders feature the pre-LCI BMW X7, with the old-style headlights and grille. That’s despite the fact that Mansory claims the kit is for the LCI car. So maybe it works with both? We’re not sure.

What do you get with this new tuning kit? An entirely new front bumper, which even features little vents under the grilles, new side skirts with flared fenders and little vents, a new rear bumper with integrated quad exhausts (which looks like an ALPINA XB7), a roof spoiler, and new wheels. Speaking of wheels, Mansory offers 11 different choices, with the biggest size being a monster 24″ wheel. All of the exterior parts are made from carbon fiber and you can get them in funky colors, such as the green seen in these photos.

As for the interior, Mansory says it can be customized upon request. So you can tailor-make the cabin of your BMW X7 to be as extravagant as you’d like, something Mansory is typically very good at. From the photos, it doesn’t look like there’s much that wouldn’t work on the BMW X7 LCI, so it’s likely that these parts are interchangeable. That would be great for current X7 owners that want their car to look special and unique, even without the new design updates. The split headlights of the LCI might be a bit too big to accommodate the new front air intakes but it’s hard to tell. The wheels look good, though. Again, very ALPINA-like.

The BMW X7 is an odd car because it’s always looked obnoxious, with its monstrous size and massive grille. However, it’s also always been an excellent overall car, one that drives far better than a car of its size has the right to. If you want your X7 to look as good as it is to drive, maybe Mansory can help you out.

[Source: Mansory]