We’ve been spying on the M3 CS for quite a while, but BMW won’t reveal the super sedan until early next year. It’s allegedly entering production in March 2023 and will remain on the assembly line until February 2024. Interestingly, a new report from a well-known company insider indicates the Bavarians are already cooking up another special edition for the current G80 generation.

According to Bimmer Post forum member ynguldyn, BMW is planning a limited-run version of the M3 for a market launch in either 2024 or 2025. It could be another batch of CS-badged cars based on the Life Cycle Impulse the Munich-based automaker is working on. Although the 2023MY for the M3 has brought the iDrive 8 (and a first-ever M3 Touring), the sports sedan has not received the design tweaks applied to the M340i and lesser 3 Series versions.

Photo by instagram.com/wilcoblok

The insider claims it could be “something similar” to the CS, which tells us BMW is planning substantial upgrades to the M3 rather than just some special paints like the 50 Jahre Edition has. In the meantime, the forthcoming CS is believed to be sold exclusively with xDrive and an automatic transmission.

Unlike the M5 CS with its body-hugging rear seats, its smaller brother is unlikely to get bucket seats in the back. Prototypes have been spotted with camouflage on the rear-door windows, suggesting BMW was trying to hide something. However, we believe the M3 CS will have a normal bench, likely with a different upholstery and stitching to set it apart from the regular M3.

As far as power is concerned, the twin-turbo 3.0-liter, inline-six “S58” is rumored to be tuned to 540 hp, which makes sense since it would be more than the M3 Competition but less than the M4 CSL and the upcoming 3.0 CSL. A weight loss is planned, but it obviously won’t be as drastic as the M4 CSL’s 100-kilogram (220-pound) draconian diet compared to the rear-wheel-drive M4 Competition Coupe upon which it was based.

With production believed to be starting in March 2023, we should see the M3 CS in either January or February.

Source: ynguldyn / BimmerPost, wilcoblok / Instagram