With good reason, the CSL has been getting most of the attention this year. It’s lighter and more powerful than the regular M4 while having a meaner look and additional upgrades to squeeze out every last drop of performance. That’s not to say the standard model is all of the sudden less desirable since it remains a properly quick machine. It’s especially true in the case of the all-wheel-drive variant pictured here.

Showcased in Munich at the BMW Welt, this M4 Competition xDrive Coupe has a vibrant Imola Red color from the Individual catalog. It also happens to have the anniversary emblems at the front and rear as well as the wheel center caps to mark 50 years of the M division. Lurking from behind the 19-inch front and 20-inch wheels are red brake calipers to complement the striking finish of the body.

Whoever configured the car was rather generous when ticking the boxes on the options list as this G82 build has the optional M Carbon exterior package. The laser LED headlights are also found in the M3 Sedan and M3 Touring, but not in the lesser 3 Series models anymore as this year’s Life Cycle Impulse deleted this technology on the M340i and the more affordable variants.

Speaking of the M3 duo, it gets the Operating System 8, which we can’t say the same about the M4 since it still uses the previous-generation iDrive. It’s unclear when the switch will take place, but it’s bound to happen to bring the performance coupe in line with the other BMWs. Rumor has it BMW is working on a fully fledged LCI for both the M3 and M4 to keep the models fresh following a rumored decision to extend production until 2027.

Meanwhile, an M4 CS is planned to arrive in 2023 in limited production numbers to bridge the gap between the Competition and CSL models.

Source: rsDrive / YouTube