The M340i continues to remain the sweet spot in the 3 Series’ lineup as you still get an inline-six engine with plenty of punch while avoiding the M3’s controversial kidney grille. With the Life Cycle Impulse introduced a few months ago, BMW brought the M Performance version closer to the full-fat M3 by offering an optional carbon fiber roof.

This M340i LCI has it, along with an assortment of M Performance Parts like the 20-inch alloy wheels. Look closer and you’ll notice carbon fiber in many areas, including for the grille’s contour and the front spoiler lip. At the back, the trunk lid spoiler and diffuser are also made from the same lightweight and durable material.

Miscellaneous items include the M Performance body decals and rear window sticker sending out a 1980s vibe. The 2023 M340i wears BMW’s special 50 years of M anniversary emblems and has a blacked-out rear badge with the tri-color M contrasting the Mineral White paint. Rounding off the tweaks on the outside is the red tow strap.

As for the interior, it too has been subjected to quite a few upgrades compared to a stock M340i. It gets a special steering wheel with Alcantara and carbon fiber inserts as well as a red 12 o’clock mark. Even the central armrest has M Performance branding and the three famous colors while the door hinge pins are adorned with the “world’s most powerful letter.”

BMW discreetly put the M colors on the floor mats, and we’d argue the interior tweaks are tasteful, without shouting (too much) that this isn’t a run-of-the-mill M340i. Eagle-eyed readers will spot the M Performance badge on the passenger side of the dashboard as well as on the bottom spoke of the steering wheels.

Of course, the regular model has a more subtle cabin for those who believe these extras are too flashy or are simply not worth the additional money. At the end of the day, the M340i decked out with the full array of M Performance Parts gets dangerously close to base M3 money.