The BMW iX is still making the internet rounds. It is a brand-new technological flagship from BMW so, naturally, people are very interested in what it brings to the table. Chip in the fact that production is kind of limited right now and that deliveries are slow to roll-out and the hype around it can only intensify. Luckily, we already got to sample it a couple of times, even in xDrive50 guise, but it’s always interesting to see what others thought of it as well.

The guys from Out of Spec Studios got to drive it for the first time not too long ago, at the Consumers Electronics Show, in Vegas. That’s where a number of iX models were brought out for various reasons. From seeing the E Ink-covered, BMW iX Flow in action, to the world premiere of the BMW iX M60, there were a number of electric SUVs with huge grilles visible in Vegas not too long ago.

In the case of this review, we’re looking at an M Sport BMW iX xDrive50, the pick of the range for many interested customers, as it’s the middle ground between the xDrive40 and M60 versions right now. It has 523 horsepower and 765 Nm of torque which makes it a bit less powerful than the top dog, M60 model. However, it has the same battery capacity, rated at 105.2 kWh usable, which makes the xDrive50 a bit more efficient and grants it a longer range overall.

Unfortunately, the guys in the video below didn’t have a chance to test out its real-life range but you can check our own review of the EV SUV to see what kind of numbers we got. However, they did share their thoughts on it and they include, like in the case of many other reviews, a recommendation to look past the front end design. Once you drive this car and see how quiet, refined and luxurious it feels, you tend to forget its shortcomings on the design front.