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2020 BMW M340i Touring test drive 23 830x553

Video: CarWow reviews the BMW M340i Touring, includes acceleration test

3 Series, Videos | May 20th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

The BMW M340i is one of the darlings of the Bavarian current lineup. It has received glorious reviews and has been deemed by more than …

2020 BMW X1 facelift test drive 1 830x553

Video: BMW X1 review finds it typical for a Bavarian Machine, predictable

BMW X1, Videos | April 30th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

The BMW X1 has largely been ignored by the press as of late. With more and more new models making their debuts, the little crossover …

Audi A3 Sportback vs BMW 1 Series 4 830x553

Video: BMW 1 Series vs Mercedes-Benz A-Class Review

1 Series, Videos | April 20th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

The new 1 Series definitely has some pretty big shoes to fill but whether or not it fills them depends on how you use your …

The All New BMW M850i xDrive AU Model 23 830x553

Video: BMW M850i Gran Coupe Review complains about iDrive

8 Series, Videos | April 17th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

The new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe is just one of three different body styles BMW is offering for the resurrection of the 8 Series …

2020 BMW X3M Competition review test drive 51 830x553

Video: BMW X3 M Competition reviewed by MotorWeek

BMW X3 M, Videos | April 9th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

The time has come for the guys from MotorWeek to share their thoughts on the BMW X3 M Competition and they did so in their …

2019 BMW X5 test review 81 830x553

Video: Savagegeese gives the BMW X5 a thorough review

BMW X5, Videos | April 7th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

The time has come for Savagegees to share his thoughts on the 2020 BMW X5. Even though the car has been on sale for quite …

MINI Cooper SE Road Trip Silicon Valley Hollywood 31 830x553

Video: MINI Cooper SE review find it easy to drive with one pedal

MINI, Videos | April 6th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

MINI had a terrible string of bad luck lately. Sales haven’t been doing great before we heard about all this Coronavirus madness and the company …

2019 BMW M135i xDrive Review 42 830x553

Video: M135i xDrive Review dubs it a Golf R in BMW clothes

1 Series, Videos | April 1st, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

The new BMW 1 Series range definitely has its work cut out trying to prove its worth. Enthusiasts are the most vocal people criticizing the …

2020 BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe 46 830x553

Video: BMW M235i Gran Coupe Review Mocks Styling

2 Series, Videos | March 19th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

It’s quite interesting how a lot of newer BMW models have such dividing design features that people just can’t help but fall into two very …

The new BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe F44 UK 41 830x553

Video: Joe Achilles shares thoughts on new BMW M235i Gran Coupe

1 Series, 2 Series, Videos | March 17th, 2020 by Gabriel Nica

Deliveries of the new BMW M235i Gran Coupe (or the 2 Series Gran Coupe in general to be fair) have kicked off not long ago …