Together with award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, BMW has created the IconicSounds Electric to turn what is usually the relatively uneventful experience of driving an EV into something a bit more emotional. To display the sound pack – which will arrive soon – BMW brought the iX M60 M Performance Electric SUV to CES 2022. In this video, we take a look at both the high-performance iX but also at the sound experience composed by Zimmer.

Connected to the My Modes, which change things like ambient lighting, screen settings, and now sound settings; the BMW IconicSounds Electric will change from a more luxurious sound to a more exciting sound, depending on which mode you choose. This new audible technology will be available in both the BMW i4 and iX in 2022; first half of 2022 for the i4 and second half for the iX. For instance, with the car in the Comfort My Mode (it’s called “Personal” in the iX), the BMW IconicSounds Electric provides a calmer, more relaxed noise. Sport mode creates a more exciting noise, designed to convey the response of the electric motors.

Lastly, the Efficient My Mode lacks IconicSounds altogether, as it wants the driver to be reminded of the silent efficiency of electric powertrains. Of course, if the driver wants, the IconicSounds can be turned off completely, regardless of My Mode selection. Furthermore, there are two new My Modes for the BMW i4 and iX, each with their own IconicSounds: Expressive and Relax. The former uses higher-pitched tones, including violins, to create a more interesting and abstract experience. That noise is combined with neon lighting, from both the curved screen and the ambient lighting. The combination creates an entire mood change in the cabin that’s unique to both of BMW’s electric cars. While the latter mode, Relax, provides softer, more hushed, and more harmonious sounds and lights, to create gentle environment that should help relieve stress.

Let’s take a look at this exclusive video hosted by Kyle Conner (Out of Spec Studios)