BMW iX xDrive50

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BMW iX Drag Races Genesis GV60 And Ford Mustang Mach-E

When it comes to drag races, dedicated performance cars spring to mind. However, it’s a brave new world out there and people are racing just about anything you can think of. That includes SUVs, electric…

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Here Are The Straight Pipes Best EV Car Launches of 2022

Most fast electric vehicles only have one party trick—straight-line acceleration. Off the line, pound-for-pound, nothing accelerates like an EV. Some of which are so violent that full-throttle launches can actually be uncomfortable. In this new…

Watch The BMW iX xDrive50 Do A Hot Lap Around A Track

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BMW iX – This is how I would spec my electric SUV

With customer deliveries of the all-new iX beginning, and BMW’s price increases announced for the 2023 models, it’s an opportune time to see what options add the most value to BMW’s first ever electric SAV….

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BMW iX Range Test: How Far Did I Get on One Charge?

The all-electric BMW iX is a fascinating car, one that’s unlike any BMW before it. Its exterior styling, interior design, and innovative cabin tech make it one of the most intriguing Bimmers ever made. However,…

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VIDEO: Harry Metcalf Checks Out the BMW iX xDrive50

It’s always good to get some perspective on new and innovative ideas. Often times, we can get caught up in petty arguments about small details, such as exact range figures and 0-60 mph times. However,…

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VIDEO: BMW iX Tested by The Straight Pipes

Without question, the BMW iX is the quirkiest car from the Bavarian brand since the i3. Everything from its looks, to its cabin, to many of its unique features feels different from every other BMW…

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BMW iX vs Mercedes-Benz EQS — Autocar Test

German automakers typically play copy-cat when it comes to new vehicles. When BMW debuts something new and interesting, Mercedes-Benz will come out with a very similar direct competitor shortly after and vice versa. Throw Audi…