BMW iX xDrive50

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BMW iX: Price, Release Date, Range, and more

BMW iX is the flagship electric crossover which has been in works in Munich since 2015. The BMW iX is the brand’s most impressive electric vehicle. It’s the first BMW EV to be built on a…

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VIDEO: Check This In-Depth Review of the BMW iX

Love it or hate it, the BMW iX is the most interesting car in the Bavarians’ portfolio. It’s a full-sized electric SUV with the best tech the brand has to offer, as well as some…

2022 BMW iX xDrive50 – Video Review

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Video: Here’s a glimpse into how the BMW iX is made

One of the most important things BMW highlights about its upcoming iX electric SUV is how sustainable it is throughout the production process, something that may have a huge impact on a number of levels…

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2022 BMW iX presented at the Legends Of The Autobahn

The annual Legends Of The Autobahn has built its reputation on the back of classic BMW cars, but over time, it opened its doors to newer models as well. Every year, BMW of North America…

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BMW iX xDrive 50 looks imposing in a black color

Most of the BMW iX marketing materials are showing the high-end electric crossover in the Aventurine Red launch color or Alpine White. But today, we get to take a look at the BMW iX in…

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Photo Comparison: BMW iX xDrive50 vs BMW X5 M50i

This time next year, BMW customers will have their choice of two fast, very luxurious SUVs at around the same price point but with very different approaches — the BMW iX xDrive50 and BMW X5…